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Sanitary Pad Disposal Sanitary Pad Disposal Unit - Sanitary Pad Disposal System - Sanitary Napkin Burner
Sanitary Pad Disposal - Enviornment Friendly Sanitary Pad Disposal - Avoides Drainage Line Chockups Sanitary Pad Disposal - Easy & Safe Operation

Sanitary Napkin Disposal:

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed outside of Public Toilet Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed in a Washroom with Toilet of Railway Station
Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed 
In a Room of Public Toilets
Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed in a 
Washroom with Toilet of Modern Railway Station
Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed Toilet of Hotel Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed in a Toilet of School / College
Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed in
Toilets of All Rooms of a Hotel
Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Installed in
Ladies Toilet of School / College / Hostel
The Sanitary Napkin Disposal System Can be Used At...
  • Public Toilets
  • School Girls Toilets
  • Colleges Ladies Toilet
  • Common in Ladies Hostels
  • Common Unit for Apartments
  • Toilets of Railway Stations
  • Toilets of Air Ports
  • Toilets of Bus Stops
  • All The Rooms of Hotel
  • Wash Rooms of Public Halls
  • Refreshment of Shopping Malls
  • Toilets of Club Houses
  • Washrooms of Restaurants
  • Refreshment Area of Cinemas
  • Washrooms at Corporate Offices
  • Toilets of Factories Where Ladies are working
  • Toilets of Library
  • Toilets of Individual Bungalow
  • Toilets of Government Offices
  • and Many more Places.

This Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit can be used instead of sanitary napkin disposal bags, sanitary napkin disposal receptacles or sanitary napkin disposal containers. It can also replace sanitary waste disposal Bins, sanitary disposal bin, sanitary disposal bins, sanitary disposal containers, etc. It is very useful for sanitary disposal services Provider for disposal of sanitary waste.

Sanitary napkin disposal Bags are just collect the Sanitary Pads and store it. It can't Dispose off the Sanitary napkins. Even after storage the Used Sanitary napkins, We have to Destroy it at a safe way as per sanitary disposal regulations / law. For which, We need a Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit / Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit.

Disposal of Sanitary Waste at one of the Safest way is Burning it in a safe & Closed Chamber. And this Unit Burns the Sanitary Waste in a Closed Chamber which is prepared from MS and Stainless Steel (SS). So the Unit is Good Looking and having high corrosion resistance. It's a Wall Mounted Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit.

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